The Original Desktop Dumpster

Dumpsty is a miniature dumpster made for your desktop. From the side fork pockets to the tiny molded text on the rubber lids, everything has been meticulously recreated down to the last detail. Measuring a broad eleven inches across (the perfect size for magazines), and handmade from steel, they’re authentic recreations of their full-sized counterparts. 

Dumpsty is tough and ready for anything you want to throw at it… on it… or in it. Use it for holding anything from papers at work, magazines at home, to tools on your workbench. Dumpsty is fun, functional, and distinctly unique. Keep yours factory fresh or stick it to the man with your own tags and artwork!

Dumpsty is available in Raw Steel, Fresh Painted colors, artists Wrapped Editions, and special Limited Edition colors. We can even customize Dumpsty in your choice of colors and designs.

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Dumpsty Wrapped Editions

Our best Dumpsty artists have come up with unique designs that have been turned into vinyl wraps. Each Dumpsty Wrapped Edition is a work of art and limited to 100 pieces. The perfect complement to any home or desktop.

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Dumpsty Artist Editions are unique hand-painted original works of art and sell as quickly as we receive them. Previously sold pieces live on in our gallery.


A scaled-down version of popular jobsite and tool storage boxes. Deskbox is ridiculously tough for its size. Made of steel and powder-coated in blue or tan paint, Deskbox includes the same features as a full-sized jobsite box including a recessed lock, locking lid bar, working side handles, and removable skids with rubber feet – yet it’s designed to fit neatly on your work table or desk.

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Mini Box Business Card Holder

Our smallest Dumpsty yet. The Dumpsty Mini Box business card holder measures 4 inches across – the perfect size for all formats of business cards. Made from the same steel as all of our Dumpsty products and powder-coated in blue or tan paint.

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