Dumpsty Replacement Lids


Dumpsty replacement lids are molded using a firm rubber composite and available in black and four bright colors. The perfect compliment to your Dumpsty dumpster. Sold as a pair.


Dumpsty Garbage Bags


A mini dumpster is cool. A mini dumpster with mini garbage bags is even cooler! Dumpsty Garbage Bags measure 8.5 x 8.5 inches and made of tough black plastic.  Each set comes with ten garbage bags and ten red twist ties.

Dumpster Warning Signage


A set of seven ultra-thin magnets of authentic dumpster warning signs meticulously recreated down to Dumpsty scale.

Note: a full set of warning sign magnets is included with every Raw Steel, Fresh Painted, and Limited Edition Dumpsty dumpster.