Replacement Lids


Dumpsty replacement lids are molded using a firm rubber composite and are available in black, blue, green, and purple. The perfect compliment to your Dumpsty dumpster. Sold as a pair.

Mini Garbage Bags


A mini dumpster is cool. A mini dumpster with mini garbage bags is even cooler! Dumpsty garbage bags measure a wee 8.5 x 8.5 inches and are made of tough black plastic.  Each package comes with ten garbage bags and ten red twist ties.

Locking Wheels


New! Low-riding locking mini wheels for your Dumpsty dumpster. Each set of four wheels comes with two regular and two locking wheels. Wheels are 1″ in diameter – 50% smaller than the standard wheels that come with Dumpsty dumpsters. Soft rubber wheel material won’t harm your desktop and the locking wheels will hold your Dumpsty firmly in place.

Out of stock

Warning Sign Magnets


A set of seven thin magnets of authentic dumpster warning signs meticulously recreated down to Dumpsty scale.

Note: a full set of warning sign magnets is included with every standard, limited, and wrapped edition Dumpsty dumpster.