Standard Editions

Standard edition Dumpsty dumpsters come in raw galvanized steel or powder-coated in fresh glossy blue and green paint. Every standard edition Dumpsty comes with a pair of black lids and a set of dumpster warning sign magnets.

Limited Editions

Every once and awhile we create a special run of a unique color. These are offered as limited editions and only available while supplies last. To get you started, all special edition Dumpsty dumpsters come with a pair of black rubber lids and a set of authentic dumpster warning sign magnets.

Wrapped Editions

Our best Dumpsty artists have come up with unique designs that have been turned into vinyl wraps. Each artist’s design is limited to 100 pieces. The perfect complement to any home or desktop.

Artist Editions

Artist Edition Dumpsty dumpsters are hand-painted by talented street artists using a variety of techniques. Each piece is a unique work of art.

Dumpsty Junior

Our smallest Dumpsty ever but with all the detail (and attitude) of its big brother. Dumpsty Jr. is made from steel and comes fully assembled with three pairs of lids in black, baby blue, and yellow, and a pair of mini dumpster warning sign magnets.

Dumpsty Accessories

Add the finishing touch with genuine Dumpsty accessories including rubber lids in a variety of colors or pick up an extra set of authentic dumpster warning signage.